YoHero Pre-sale tutorial

MetaMask Wallet installation tutorial for Google Chrome
1. Open Google Chrome and install the MetaMask. website:https://metamask.io/
2. Import an existing account or create a new one.
Add BSC mainnet
1. Open the network drop-down list in MetaMask wallet, and click on "Custom RPC".
2. Enter the BSC mainnet information in order, and click "Save"
BSC mainnet
Currency Symbol :BNB
Block Explorer URL:https://www.bscscan.com/
YoHero Pre-sale tutorial
1.Open YoHero official website: https://www.yohero.fi/ and enter YoHero home page
2.Click the “Connect Wallet”.Please do choose the BSC mainnet, click "Next", and click "Connect", then click "Sign". And your wallet is successfully connected.
3.Please click the “Join presale”button of the page
4.Pre-sale is not open yet, and the YOLO purchasing tutorial will be announced after pre-sale launched